Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Got Milk?? or Cookies??

Once people find out that you sew it can become a blessing or a curse in the fact that they start to think of you first when and if someone is getting rid of fabric from their deceased relative's stash. Sometimes you can get some really great fabric--and sometimes not. In the past I've been given some great vintage looking prints that I've used as aprons. However, I've also pitched a lot of fabric too (or just donated it to some charity).

Anyway, with that being said, what do you do with some pretty nice pieces of cow print fabric?! I've held onto this for a bit trying to come up with something fun with this fabric. I think my neighbor gave it to me from her grandma's stash, but I can't remember. Someone obviously had something in mind, because the fabric all coordinated. I thought about lining some bags with it--but it takes a certain kind of person to carry a "moo, moo" bag, I think.
Well, my little girls thought it would be fun to have pants out of the fabric. I specifically told them it had to be for pajamas. But they did turn out so cute and they are very happy. I just added a band of the contrasting hereford print and then once that was attached I topstitched a black satin ribbon over the seam all the way around the pant leg.

The next project: I also decided to make an apron with the hereford print. I lined it with the final "moo" print. I usually use 1/2" double fold bias tape at the top of the apron and for the straps. It is so easy to use. I have had this bandanna print bias tape for what seems like forever--just waiting for the right project. This seemed like an appropriate use for it--a little milkmaid apron.

And just to make it more "obnoxious" and interesting I added a little embroidered saying, "Got Cookies?" My kids think that means that every time I wear this apron I'll be making cookies. Nice thought, but doubtful....


  1. I like the got cookies apron. that's my kind of saying.

  2. Those are CUTE!!!! The coordinating prints look awesome! I wonder what the person had in mind when they bought those pieces? I can only imagine.

  3. You can wear these to Chick Fil A next year (July 11)for Cow Appreciation Day and get a free meal. I don't know if the date changes each year.



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