Friday, July 18, 2008


"She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot tankini..." O.K. not really, let's go black, white, and red and not itsy bitsy. That is the whole point of this project.
I've been unhappy this summer with my swimwear (or lack thereof), and have tried to find something else to buy for myself without any luck. I want a tankini; however, I don't want to flash my belly for the world. So buying a tankini isn't really an option as those in the store are about 2 inches too short for me.

My cousin Tiffany was here visiting and although her tankini was store bought, she inspired me to get serious about making one for myself. (Of course this was after we made a trip to my favorite local fabric store and we spent a wad of money on new swimwear fabric, etc.) Actually I should define "wad". I tend to be a cheapie when it comes to buying clothes. I spent $28 on swimwear fabric and ended up with a large bag of about 13 pieces of fabric that are 1/2 yd. to 1 yd. pieces. That translates into AT LEAST 13 swimsuits, but most likely it will be more since not all of them will be used for suits for myself. Little girl suits need less fabric, obviously. Even if I only got 2 suits out of that for me, that I like, it is well worth the money.

I've made other swimsuits for myself, but never a tankini top. The closest thing I've done to a tankini was a maternity swimsuit I made a couple years ago. I loved that suit as it was so comfy and covered up what I wanted it to. This time around I used that same now discontintued pattern, McCalls 2772. However I did go look on Kwik Sew's website and found two patterns there that are in stock and very similar to what I used. Kwik Sew 2868 is almost exactly what I used--view A with a little more added to the length, and then Kwik Sew 2689 you could also use and lengthen the top to your liking.Sorry, but as much as I like this suit I am not going to take a picture of myself in it to post for the entire blogging world. I know...chicken!! The bottom is a skirt attached to the panty. This was actually another suit that I had made, didn't end up liking the bust and so I cut off the bottom half and added elastic to make it a separate bottom.
Back view--fully lined top, straps attached at the back, tacked down. I did not put any bra cups in this one, but I am going to try it on my already in progress next tankini top. I mean really, every girl needs at least 2 or 3 swimsuits a season, don't you think?!

If you want to get serious about making swimwear I would recommend getting your hands on the Kwik Sew Swimwear Book. It has so many helpful sewing suggestions and how to customize your suit, or adjust it if you have a certain style pattern. It is a great resource book!!


  1. That fabric is SO cute! I'm dying to know what other projects you and Tiff whipped up over the weekend! Surely this wasn't the only one?! :)

  2. I was just telling Jeff that I wanted a little skirt to swim in. Been seeing them in Land's End catalog and they are so darn cute. This one is adorable. I'm a fan!

  3. *Sigh* I wish I could do something so thrify and lovely.

  4. Yep, I'm envious. Our fabric store has no swimsuit fabric at all.

  5. that is so cute! i am too nervous to make swimsuits... but yours are always divine!



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