Monday, July 28, 2008

Becky's Bag

My friend Becky is moving this week to Ithaca, NY where her husband is heading to graduate school. We are going to miss her and her family. Her kids are almost exactly the same ages as mine. So this is my little token of a good-bye. Not necessarily very original, but I am pretty sure that she'll like it. Since we have been knitting buddies, maybe she can use it for her knitting projects.
I used this font for her bag. It is one of my favorites from the Cute Embroidery website.Inside fabric--lips, lips, and more lips!! This is just right for Becky as she is rather sassy! I also added a little inside pocket for more storage options.

Travel safe Becky!! We'll miss you guys!!


  1. I love how big the font is. It looks great on the bag. Besides the inside fabric is AWESOME! I'm sure Becky will like it.

  2. Oh how sad to have a good friend move away :-(
    The inside fabric is cute-cute-cute! The "B" is beautiful, it fits the bag very well! I'm sure she'll love her new bag.

  3. Ithaca is a beautiful city! We drove through it on our way back from Palmyra and I want to go back sometime. Cute bag!

  4. that embroidery is very cute!!



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