Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yellow Floral Top

Well, last night we did finish L.'s shirt, also Simplicity 3546. It was a collaborative effort on our part. She did the majority of the straight sewing--side seams, shoulder seams, hems, ties--while I did the harder stuff--setting in the sleeves and other gathers, along with the neckline. She did a good job and she is happy to be wearing it today.
Hers didn't have any embellishments on it except for adding some pockets. That is more her style. No elastic in the sleeves and no added anything. We did have to adjust the neck, but I think it is mostly because of the fabric. It is somewhat gauzy and therefore "stretches" somewhat. The neck was a little too open and we pulled it in a bit. She still needs to wear a camisole or something underneath even after having adjusted the neckline. I think the next ones we'll have to raise the neckline somewhat--even though it does just pull over your head.


  1. Please Send A Comment!!!!!

    L. A little bit of everyone.

  2. Way to "sew" L!! You did a very nice job. I like how each of the tops is a bit different to suit everyone's personality. VERY Cute!

  3. That is very cute with the leggings and I am a huge fan of the pockets. Looks very pretty. Great job on your sewing efforts. In no time you will be doing the "hard" stuff too. :)

  4. That is wonderful! And how great that she helped sew it too!! I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to start another 10 years or so...LOL

  5. At my house they want to start sewing at about 9 or 10 years old. So be prepared to let them try--and be VERY patient.

  6. Nice work L! You look pretty in yellow!



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