Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Peasant Tops

I knew that this pattern would be discontinued for sure. I've been using this one for about 5 or 6 years now--when my oldest daughter was only 6. But it is such a good basic peasant top for little girls. My youngest daughter B. has needed some new tops and I found a couple cute pieces of fabric and just embellished them a bit. This first one I added some lace and ribbon that I already had in my stash and put it only onto the front. The thing about this style of shirt is that it is hard for little girls to determine on their own the front from the back. I also added about 4" to the length. I like the shirts a bit longer so that they aren't exposing their bellies as they are playing, etc. I also love the pink and lime green combo.

The second one was the from the remaining fabric from her big sisters' shirts. I tried to make it more closely resemble their style of shirt, but still used this same pattern. I just added much more length on both the hem and the sleeves. I put a casing in the sleeve for elastic and added ties. Detail on the front--attached a piece of ribbon and a piece of rick rack.
Here is M.'s shirt that we based B.'s off of--Simplicity 3546

L. wants to sew her own shirt, and at this point we'll see how she does. We'll have to post her handiwork later. I'm going to have to help her sew it. This isn't the easiest pattern to learn to sew on with it's gathers, casings, facings, etc.


  1. VERY cute! I love M's with the tucks on the front. They look like very sweet tops. The yellow fabric is my fav.

  2. Yes, I like M's too. pretty colors.

  3. That is a great pattern for a shirt. I like the embellishments, I try to do that on my daugthers clothes too. I'm beginning to think about how to embellish my son's shirts....he probably won't like ribbons so much!!

  4. that fabric is great and the tops look so cute!!! i love it!



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