Thursday, May 29, 2008

Swimsuit Mania

School's out in less than a week for us and the public pool opens on June 7th--my kids are crazy to think that summer is just about here! We just wish the weather would act like it is going to be summer too--Monday morning we woke up to 40 degrees!! BRRRRR!

I've been making my girls' swimsuits for quite a number of years now. I was trying to think when it all started....I tend to have the mentality of seeing something and saying to myself, "I can do that just as well if not better." Also, I got tired of not being able to find swimsuits that covered my girls' bodies sufficiently. We don't do bikinis at our house and we don't do belly showing tankinis. Sometimes that limits your options for purchasing swimsuits. Another problem has occurred as the girls have gotten a bit older--they are tall and skinny and so finding suits that fit that body type can be difficult too.

The picture below is something new I tried just this year. A halter style tankini for M. I may have to adjust it some once she actually wears it in the pool. We'll have to see. She is my one daughter who is way more fashion savvy than the others. I think you can still see a faint hint of tan line from last year (racerback style suit). Too funny!! Anyway, back to favorite swimsuit patterns are from Kwik Sew. I've have used other pattern companies, but the Kwik Sew ones tend to fit better in my opinion. I am currently using Kwik Sew 2606 and 2605. The only difference between the two racerback style suits are one is for girls sizes 8-14 and the other for sizes 4-7. The baby sized pattern in this same style is unfortunately now discontinued--Kwik Sew 2512 sizes T1-T4.

I love making little baby swimsuits as baby shower gifts. It isn't something you normally receive, and it is just so fun to see itty bitty swimsuits. I usually wrap them up and put them in a plastic bucket along with some baby sunscreen. They have always been a hit with the recipients. This is a cute little 1T suit. (It may be heading to baby L. for this summer) I made it from the remaining fabric below that L. picked out for her suit this year.

This is the other piece of fabric for one of the suits that L. picked out this year. I had enough left over to make a baby 2T size so one of the cousins will probably be getting a little care package here soon.

Other styles I've made are: Kwik Sew 2422 which appears to also be discontinued. I've used this basic tank suit tons of times for little girls. This one happens to only be sizes 4-7. Looking on the Kwik Sew website it looks like Kwik Sew 2725 and 2724 may be the replacement patterns. Those patterns go clear up to size 14.
Miss B. already has about 4 swimsuits for this season, however, one of the last times I was at one of our local thrift stores I was browsing thru their fabric and found this piece blue floral piece--with sparkles!! It is gorgeous and it was just big enough for a suit her size and it was only $.40/piece. AMAZING!! At that price I couldn't pass it up. Since then I've found 2 more cute striped pieces for $.50/piece. So if you haven't ever thought of it check out your area thrift stores and you may find some fabric deals to die for.
We do sort of have the philosophy at our house, for better or worse, that every girl needs at least 2 swimsuits a year. It usually ends up to be at least 3 apiece for my girls, I must admit. You just never know what kind of mood you may be in for the day--so we need to be prepared.
This is also the 2nd year that I've "taught" (loosely put--more like been the moderator/help line) a swimsuit class for a group of ladies from our church. Here are a couple pictures from our class night a week or so ago.
Last year's swimsuit of the season was this hot pink/orange/purple floral tankini that 5 of the girls are wearing. We actually had about 15 different little girls with this same fabric. It was great when we got a bunch of them at the pool together. Most of my girls' best friends do not have sisters, so they think it is so great to match with another "sister".

HAPPY SUMMER everyone! Stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors!
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  1. I love the stripes. Please, please, please send to baby L. (I'm not above begging).

    That is a cute pic of all the matching suits.

  2. I was a 'swimsuit loser' this year and bought my girls' swimsuits. I have to get started in Feb. if I want to get them done in time. This year--it wasn't happening! :( But, as always, your girls suits are CEE-UUTE!

  3. I love the baby swimsuit gift idea!

  4. That gift is so creative! I sure wish we had a great fabric store like yours. Even our JoAnn's shut down & I have to go into Omaha for the 1 (yes, 1) that is left here. Your girls are very lucky - keep reminding them!

  5. Yes, I have been reminded by more than one family member seamstress that I can never move--if merely for the fact of my access to a couple different great fabric stores.

  6. could you do a little tutorial about swimsuit making? or just a post with some tips. I'd like to make one, but don't even know how to go about starting.



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