Saturday, May 24, 2008

Displaying children's artwork

When you have 5 children--3 of which are in school, it sures makes for a lot of paperwork that they bring home. I cannot possibly save every project or piece of artwork that they create and bring home. I do try and take pictures of lots of them before I throw them away--and we do save a number of the really "special" ones.

This past week M. (3rd grade) brought home a couple of different pieces of art that she has created and didn't want me to throw any of them away. We ultimately kept 3 different drawings that she had made and I told her that if she really wanted to we would frame one of them. She was thrilled. Part of the reason I did this is because recently she has been acting like she feels like the ugly stepsister or something. I don't know exactly why...but anyway, I was trying to do something to help her feel that she really is special in our family.

This is the drawing that she chose to frame. Charcoal drawing about 11 X 17--we cut it down some.I bought a poster display frame at Jo-Ann's, half off for $4, a large piece of black construction type paper for $1.29 and then a package of specialty brads, also on sale, for $1.79. I didn't even use all the brads. Then we made it look like it was double matted (just using paper) and attached the square brads in the corners just to give it a little something extra. She is very pleased with it and is trying to come up with the name of her piece. The artwork is actually an animal made up of various different parts of many animals so the name may be something foreign sounding.
I also added scrapbooking stickers I had on hand to mark the date that she made it. Once she determines if this piece has a name then we'll add that too. She also signed her name in the corner as any good artist would do. Not a bad little project for $7--and priceless as far as helping my daughter's self-esteem. She told me she wants it hung up in her room. I was thinking I would hang it in the dining room--but if she'd prefer it in her room that is fine with me.


  1. Awesome! I love/hate all the artwork that comes home. I just copied an idea from Pottery Barn for displaying children's artwork but I might have to use this one too. Hope it helps her feel good about herself!

  2. Very nice drawing! I saw that "Gallery Idea" in Family fun for May and am working on that for our kids. Since it's the end of the year, each brought home their "portfolio's" so I'm sorting thru my favorites and am going to put the "gallery" at the bottom of our stairs.

  3. It now has a name: Bumo-hiel-monchi. Which is a combination of all the animals used: Bunny, mouse, hippo, elephant, monkey, chicken. I guess now you can go back and see if you can figure out which part belongs to which animal.

  4. I have some Pottery Barn frames for anyone who wants them. They fit 8-1/2 x 11" pix & load from the top. I have blue, pink, yellow, and white.

  5. Ooh I'll take them ALL. Can you send with mom this week? ????



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