Monday, May 5, 2008

Landscape Project Update

Well over the weekend hubby and I got the lattice privacy screens put up. Actually, more than for privacy, they are for damage control. Our chocolate lab loves to run right through my garden area (and sometimes the kids do too) and I've tried placing large flower pots, etc. in the path without success. So this is what I've had to resort to. However, I am very happy with it too. We put solar lighted post caps on each end and they work awesome and make me happy. Now this week I get to get serious about moving some of my plants in the back to the front, and buying the remainder that I've been planning on. I'm planting two rose bushes for the first time ever. I hope they don't drive me crazy with a lot of work and care. I'm trying to plant mostly perennials so that the work can be done and I can just enjoy looking at them.

This raised flower bed area between the two screens is where I plant my tomatoes every year. It has great southern exposure. The dog also loves to lie in the sun here too. Last year I had to put up a little fence. Everyone thought it was for the rabbits, but no, it's for the dog. We'll see what happens this year too.

This is the back garden. I've already planted one rose bush. I'll have to adjust a couple other things this week to accomodate what I have in mind. But I am excited to get it all put together and the kids are excited to plant some flowers too. Z. brought home a sunflower plant from school and M. is bringing hers home in a week or so too. We might have to have a family gardening activity tonight.


  1. Very nice! I like that it gives you a little privacy-so now people driving by can't see straight into your backyard. Can't wait to see it with flowers.

  2. Hope your trick works with keeping the dog out. Rose bushes would be gorgeous.

  3. Looks fantastic! I love the solar lights on the top.

  4. I had two neighbors come over today while I was planting a couple things to let me know they LOVED the screens, the lights, etc. One was especially jealous that my husband would actually work on my honey-do list. I am happy with my screens too.

  5. Love, love, love it! Ethan is a keeper! -S



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