Friday, May 30, 2008

Pillow Cover

This little project literally took me 10 minutes max. I'm trying to cover all my pillows, but now that I've finished this one....I don't like it. The pattern is too similar to gingham. Not quite the look I'm going for. I'm bummed.

this shows the actual pattern up close. I used the finished edge of fabric so there was even less to sew.

**Anyone want to buy an 18" pillow cover for $5. It's envelope style so it can be removed and washed


  1. I like the fabric up close, but I'm with you on it looking like gingham from far away. Hope you can find it a good home.

  2. I concur... ha ha! Why don't you make cloth napkins out of it? It is cute fabric.

  3. It is cute up close--I can't think of anything else to recycle it with unless you can use it for an apron somehow.

  4. I love when that happens, the finished edge thing, that is. When I sew my dresses for my girls it never seems to go my way.
    The pattern looks so mod.



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