Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh No!

Today I pretty much can't stand our paint color, but there is no way I'm starting all over. I don't know what happened, because I loved it as we were painting a couple days ago. Something's amiss though with this color. Jeff says it's old lady. He's right. Or maybe I just need to get stuff on the walls. Maybe because right now as the midday sun is shining through the windows it looks mint green. Nice. I guess we are going to have to live with it because neither one of us wants to do this again for a long time. I am so disappointed because I really thought I was ready to go bolder...I see stuff in magazines all the time that I love because it looks so happy and fresh. Argh!!

magazine pages I've collected

after looking at these maybe I just need the warm (orange, red) accessories to pull it all together. ?????


  1. From the pictures, I don't think it looks much different (dark or light) than your insiration pages other than the really bold one. You might chnage your mind...I don't think its bad at all! Just remember, it changes to LOTS of diff colors throughout the day! Just keep watching...

  2. it definitely does change throughout the day. I swear I watched it the day we were painting, but now, today, I'm home all day I'm really seeing. I've calmed down since I posted this. It just needs the accents I think.

  3. It doesn't appear to be mint green in the pictures, but it may with the light at certain times of the day. I would say don't get too upset just yet. You can add the accent and see if that helps. If you know what colors you want, go buy some accent pillows somewhere, keep them for a week and then return them if need be and make what you want. That should give you an better idea if it is going to work the way you want.

  4. There's hope. Last night Jeff said, "the blue is growing on me". :)

  5. I think it looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the accents!

  6. I like it! It looks great!!! When in the world do you have time to paint all of this?!!



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