Thursday, June 9, 2016

Repairing my freebie Adirondack chairs

I've been trying to update things in our yard this Spring and Summer.
I got a number of freebie or close to freebie Adirondack chairs last Fall sometime and a few need some TLC.  I enlisted the "help" of my #1 son.  Really I was just trying to get him to do something besides play on his electronics. 

Really all this entails is to drill some holes on either side of the connection and then pull some zip ties through and secure.  We ended up doing it through each slat because we wanted it to look like we meant to have this done, and not so much like a repair job on a few here and there.

 If you look closely you can see the crack between the slats.

When you go to use the chair without the repair you could either get pinched or just have it lean back awkwardly.  This is a cheap easy fix that I was very pleased with.

Then cut off the extra tails with some wire snips and you're done.

And here is what Son #1 loves to do when I try and take his picture. 
And when I put him to work.

He looks abused, doesn't he?!

  • Idea inspiration from this Pinterest pin.
  • 8" cable ties 20 cm 100 count package from Menards
  • 5//32 drill bit

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