Friday, June 17, 2016

Just because....

Once upon a time, when I was VERY young, I thought that being a photographer for National Geographic Magazine would've been the best job in the world.  I think the introvert in me would've loved that job.  But the homebody in me would probably have been done after awhile.  I sometimes feel like the Princess and the Pea--I want my bed and my pillow.

Did that photography dream become a reality? No.  Not even close.
I took one photography class in high school and majored in Zoology at BYU. 

However, every now and again I dabble.
Our yard backs up to a pond and so the #wildlifeinthesuburbs gets used on my Instagram quite often.

This guy was hiding under our firepit one morning when my son went to put it away. 
Since he was sitting so quietly and still I decided to take advantage of it.

FYI I think this is an American Toad

To dreams realized and unrealized!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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