Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Finds

Sadly, since moving a year ago, I've not found any great thrift stores around my area.
I've checked out a couple, on more than one occasion, and they haven't done much for me.
I don't normally buy clothes at the thrift store, because of the tall issue at our house, so I am looking for other items.  It just doesn't seem like I can find anything that calls out to me.
Hubby is probably thrilled about that as I haven't bought much in that department.

The couple times I've been back in our old neighborhood area I've stopped by my favorite store and found a bargain or two.  I suppose I'll just have to find other ways to fill my bargaining need.

Therefore, my Friday Finds section might be few and very far between from now on.
Here are some of the things I have found, and probably not posted about in the last number of weeks or months or even in the last year.

"Slinky" clock
Love this thing.

This baby was a challenge.
Buying a thrifted clock is a gamble.
It may not work...even with fresh batteries.
Tried it.
I could hear it "ticking" but the hands weren't moving.
I bought and subsequently returned two different clock mechanisms because those were not the right size.
Finally, with nothing left to lose, I took the mechanism apart.
What I found was that the cogs were off slightly so they wouldn't connect with each other.
I carefully put the cogs back in their proper place, refreshed the batteries and it has been working great ever since. YES!!

I had planned on using this in my boys' room, but decided I liked it more than they did and now it is hanging in our dining room.

8 Wood Shutters
This score makes me so HAPPY!  I happened to see this pile of shutters on the side of the road, in the drizzly rain, but didn't stop.  Then later the same day after running errands I was hoping and hoping they were still there.

Yes, they were, and still in the drizzly rain I grabbed them all.
They measure 14 inches wide by 48 inches tall.
I mostly wanted them to make a headboard for my daughter's room.
I'll show what we came up with next week.
We were super excited with how it all turned out.

Adirondack Chairs
Found all of these last Fall and have been holding onto them in our screen porch until this Spring to do a makeover on them.

2 Adirondack chairs for $1.50 each at the thrift store.

4 more Adirondack chairs free from the curb.  They have some broken spots that will need to be repaired, but I already figured out how to do that.  I plan on painting all of them once they are fixed up.  And then we can use them out by the fire pit that we don't yet have either. Minor detail......

Repair idea #1
Repair idea #2
Fixing paint oxidation on plastic chairs

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  It is looking fabulous here in Minnesota.

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