Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A dozen things I am excited about at the new house

Monday we got the gas hooked up to the new house and yesterday it was the water.
We had to de-winterize the house yesterday morning too in order to have our inspection later in the afternoon.  The inspection went well and only a few minor things to think about--mostly cosmetic.  Nothing that was a deal breaker.

We will have to undo all the utility hook-ups again later in the week or the first of next week since it is empty, only to start back up again permanently a month later.  HUD is a pain.

Whew!! This part has been a bit stressful.

But on the "fun" side of things we do have some things to look forward to.
After spending the majority of the day yesterday at the new house, I am getting excited about moving and the projects that I can do.

Here's my short list of things that make me happy about this house.
  1. Cute little front porch.
  2. Gas fireplace in living room.  We've never had one.
  3. Vaulted ceiling in living room. 15' high we figured at the top.
  4. Lots of windows for natural light.
  5. White cabinets in the kitchen.  This bypasses any argument discussion with hubby about painting oak--as you may remember he is a true WOOD guy.
  6. Kitchen island with more kitchen storage. It is about 69 x 35.
  7. Screen porch off the back deck that includes a light and ceiling fan.  I want to hang up this sign out there.  We already have a porch swing (that will get painted a fun bright color) that will go there too.
  8. Laundry on the main floor--and in a finished room too!
  9. Master bath is not a pass through for anything.  Yeah! no kids access to our bathroom.
  10. Regular height ceilings in the basement.  For us tall folk that is HUGE!
  11. More than one shower!!!
  12. Attached garage.
There will be lots of painting to do, eventually, in this house as the previous owner was obviously a big fan of the color brown.  I don't mind some brown--just not on every wall on the main floor.

In the meantime I am flying out to St.George, UT (via Vegas) tonight to hang with my sisters and my cousin for an extended girls weekend of sewing.  Can't wait!!!  It is -25 degrees or so with the windchill here in MN and about 70 degrees there.  Ahhhh!  It's going to be good.  


  1. The house is looking really nice. The kitchen looks awesome with lots of counter space that you haven't had before. I bet you will enjoy that and the two corner windows over the sink. All nice to look forward to. Have fun in St. George! M

  2. Oh, this is just lovely!! Those are some fantastic things to be excited about!! (Love your white cabinets :-) Have an excellent girls' weekend!!

  3. Lovely house! And enjoy your girls weekend!



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