Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finds

When you are trying to sell a house and move you really shouldn't be finding or buying additional stuff.  The whole idea is to purge and clean out for a fresh start, don't you think?

Sometimes it just can't be helped.

As hubby and I were once again heading to Menard's for something we needed to finish a project we drove by this group of furniture sitting out on the curb in this industrial park area.

Still there on our way back I picked up a chair and a bench.  Passed on the round glass table.

These are metal and wood and fabric.  The fabric needs help, but everything else is in good shape.  I actually went back again and picked up the other 2 chairs (3 total) and will figure it out later.  At least one will go to my son for his desk in his new room that we don't yet have.

I really liked the metal supports on this bench too.  They are on the ends too.

This can be used in then entry or mudroom--once again I don't know where we are moving to, but I have visions anyway.  It can be painted some fun color....or add a cushion....

And here is the downsize and staging of my LR.  We moved out a cedar chest and a loveseat to the basement so that we can make it look more open.

The little table between the chairs is a sewing machine table that I found free on the curb in my neighborhood 3 yrs. ago.  I had my son take out the machine just this week because it was SO heavy.  And although the machine did work, I hadn't ever used it and decided to remove it (donated it to my thrift store).  Then we tightened up the legs a bit and good to go.

The 2 wingback chairs I just picked up on Wednesday at one of the thrift stores that I frequent occasionally. Stopped there on a whim and found these for $12.99/ea. marked down from $27.99/ea.  They were in better shape upholstery-wise than the other 2 I had in there and these matched each other, so even better.  I had almost bought a different pair of wingbacks last week for $49.99/ea.  Glad I didn't.  They had dark floral upholstery.  The lighter ones (they are kind of a green grey fabric) look nicer in this space.

I also picked up recently 2 different Pampered Chef stoneware pieces.  A loaf pan (which I absolutely LOVE for making homemade bread) for $5 and a 9 x 13 pan for $10.  Happy day!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


  1. The living room looks awesome and so are your chair finds. It's amazing what can happen when things are downsized and rearranged. M

  2. Love the living room. It looks so much better & bigger!



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