Monday, July 28, 2014

Wonky Roman Stripes

Here is another stress-induced sewing finish.
Started these blocks last Fall or so and during last week with mounting stress I finished them up.

It won't get a back anytime soon however, because I know I have some fabric that will work, but it is packed and somewhere way back in the storage pod.  After the move....Lynn may end up with a pile from me to quilt.


  • Inspiration from Block Party: The Modern Quilting Bee, Wonky Roman Stripe, pg. 50-56.
  • Cut 14 1/2 inch blocks instead of 15 1/2 (because I screwed up one block--bummer)
  • Did a 4 by 5 block configuration instead of 6 by 6 per the book instructions.
  • Will probably add a border because I'd like it a little bigger, but I ran out of a couple of the scrapsand so couldn't make enough blocks.
  • Background pieces are 3 different shades of  blue/grey solids.

1 comment:

  1. I like this quilt top--it looks kind of nautical. You will have some more fun quilts when they are done. M



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