Saturday, June 4, 2011

Swap my ride

....or another sewing machine rescued from neglect or the trash.

Some people resuce fabric, and some people rescue sewing machines. 
Unfortunately, I might be in both categories.  Although I did give away a large trash bag of denim and jeans scraps.  That should count for something....not sure what though.

Anyway, one of our neighbors around the block had a sewing machine table setting out on their curb with a sign on it : "vintage sewing machine".  (with possibly FREE posted before that)  I couldn't be sure as I drove by after taking a kid somewhere and just briefly caught the sign. 

Then later that evening I decided to go drive by again and see if the sign really did say free and sure enough it did.  And the neighbors were out--adding more stuff to their giveaway pile.  Turns out they had some flooding issues in their basement after all the rain we've received in the last week or so.  She was thrilled I wanted the machine and she was pretty sure it still worked.  It had belonged to her MIL or grandmother-in-law, but she, of course, had never used it.

So we loaded it up in the van, along with the original manual and attachments in the original case (gotta love that bonus), and I brought it home.  Both hubby and my oldest daughter sort of rolled their eyes at me, and laughed, when I unloaded it in the driveway.

After the kids went to bed hubby and I stayed up a bit too late checking out the machine.  The table legs need some tightening, but hubby can take care of that.  And when we opened it up to use it first thing it sewed like a dream.  (cue some singing)  We just oiled it up good and now it will replace the other sewing machine and table (shown below) that I had in our LR that didn't work, nor even have all the parts and pieces to it. 

I had been using it as a lamp table, with no intention of ever sewing with it. 

Here is the new one that can also double as a lamp table in the LR, but as hubby said, "You can pull it out to use when you have your sewing parties."  Isn't he great?!

one machine in and one machine out...hence, "swap my ride".

Note: Just had to buy new knobs and add some sewing machine oil---about $3 total.


  1. glad you were able to rescue this one. ;)

  2. Wow! This was my absolute all-time favorite machine! I wore mine out. About 1995 I bought an older Bernina, but doggone, it does not have a pressure foot tension adjuster--and neither does any other model that I have been able to check out. So, happy ending for me--a realitive passed on, and I have just inherited another Pencrest. Unfortunately, it is frozen up, and I have just spent a couple of hours with my trusty oil can, but that is one of the things I love best about this machine: I can fix it myself! Happy Sewing!

  3. I have this exact machine but am short the instruction manual, can you give me some info ( model number, etc) that would help me figure what it is so I can track down its papers, so to speak.

    1. Penncrest Model #2500 made by JcPenney Co.
      Let me know if you can't find what you need. We can work out something to make a copy if need be.
      At this point I haven't sewn with it yet. I want to try one of my quilts on this, but need to wait 'til school starts up and the kids go back.

  4. I have this machine in Model 2000 that was my moms. It's very dusty underneath so I'll take a vacuum to that but otherwise seems to work great so far. I'm wondering though, what parts should I be oiling? I also don't have the manual so if you ever scanned yours, I would love a pdf copy, if possible. Looking forward to hopefully making my first quilt on my moms machine!



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