Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today is the Day and Kitchen Counter Update

Today our house goes on the market.
It's only 2 months after I had originally wanted to have it ready to go, but.....such is life around here.
Now the kicker will be to see if we can get moved before school starts after Labor Day.
Keep the fingers crossed.

I thought I'd show one of the projects we did to get ready.  I'll show a couple more in the next few days too.

First up the kitchen counter and backsplash.

Old counter top before we took it out and before we repainted and tiled the walls.
We had a cream-ish paint over that green but had to get it all off because it was peeling and gross.
I'll tell you more later about those nasty avocado green painted walls from hell.

Our friend Paul told us about their kitchen remodel and how they used laminate sheet to redo the counters.
We really don't have much counter space in our kitchen and so this sounded like a straight forward fix for us.

The color we picked---Gold Flake

Roll on the laminate sheet onto your counter board with contact cement.
Install it in place.

Cut out the sink opening with masking tape and a jigsaw.

Hubby cut the facing trim from some solid oak.
It turned out great.

Once the counter was completed we put up the subway tile (3x6 pieces)
We had the section along the sink wall and then a little bit behind the stove towards the fridge.

I am really happy with how both turned out.
Even though we didn't do anything with the cabinets (we'll let the new owners decide if they want to do that or not) the changes we did make really give a nice feel to the kitchen.
And not having our house ready when I wanted I have been able to enjoy the kitchen a bit before leaving.

Laminate sheet bought at Menard's
Oak trim and facing custom made by hubby
Subway tile from The Home Depot
Changed the overhead light and vent.

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