Thursday, June 21, 2012

Camoflauge Zig Zag Quilt for my Hubby

Last year my hubby turned 40 and we, or I should say I, did nothing for him.  Yeah, I know, big time slacker wife.  As I was looking back and trying to figure out why this happened, it turned out that we were in the midst of a massive layoff which started a couple months before his birthday and continued on in a couple months afterward.  We didn't know if we'd have a job and for how long.  It was so stressful.  I had a hard time thinking about throwing a big bash or going away (which is what I really wanted to do) when we weren't sure what was going to happen the next day, literally.

So this quilt is to make up for that somewhat...I hope.

I may be actually making up for this for some time as he had some major surprises for me on my 40th.
And we still need to get away without the kids.

Emily sent me the inspiration link for this quilt--a large chevron pattern.  Cuts quickly and sews up quickly which is what I needed since I had to quickly assemble the top, send it to the quilter in order to get it back to me to be bound and all in time for Father's Day.

I added the green and lighter brown to pick up more of the color within the camoflauge.
I didn't get a chance to wash it before giving it to him, but I have since then and it has softened up nicely.
That Mossy Oak Break-Up fabric was a little stiff.  Like denim or lightweight canvas.

On the back I just pieced a couple strips.
They look "off" in this pic but the wind was blowing some.

  • Cut 10" squares and then cut into HST.
  • Sewed 8 blocks across and 9 blocks down.
  • No border
  • Machine bound with the dark print from the front.
  • Machine quilted by Lynn Peterson in meandering pattern.  She actually alternated the meander between zigzags so that you can subtly see the zigzag stripes on the back.
Finished size:
74 inches by 82 inches


  1. Very, very nice, Renae! Nice things don't always have to happen on special dates. Special dates don't always coincide with real life, as you've experienced and I have too. But it is good to make or do exciting things anytime!

  2. What a neat quilt! I hope everything is going better in the job front. The threat of layoffs can certainly cause major stress/trauma in our lives.

  3. Is there a tutorial for that quilt??


      You can go look at either of these tutorials for some help. Basically you just need whatever size square you'd like--obviously bigger blocks will go faster--and then you cut them into half square triangles. I just went row by row and sewed the triangles as I needed and lined them up to form the chevron style.

      Repeat it for as long or as wide as you'd like. Holler at me if you need more help.



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