Friday, May 18, 2012

Ashlee's Yellow and Grey

Ashlee's quilt is done!
And it didn't even take me another 9 months to complete.  Thank goodness!

Up Close
 Isn't it pretty?  Ashlee and I make a good team.

 The fabrics are a hodge podge of yellow and grey's she and I found at my LQS.  The main ones are from Joel Dewberry's Aviary line (...I think!)  

The yellow/grey color combo is super popular right now, as you might have noticed!
I have started collecting my own yellows and greys for myself a little quilt. :)


The backing is also by Joel Dewberry (Medallion maybe??), with a yellow gingham I can't remember, and a grey print from Aneela Hoey. How's that for sort of helpful?! :)

On a side rant note:  See how the medallion print design is not straight on the top and bottom edge?  What's up with that??  Seems it was not printed straight on the fabric. I have no idea if that was a mistake on the bolt I got or on all of them, but I was super annoyed and frustrated.  I tried to make it less noticeable and still keep it straight.  This was the best I could do.  So, fabric makers, just a note:  If you are printing such a huge design on fabric please make sure it is straight!  I can understand if a "cheap" print is off a bit, but this one should not have been.  Just saying...

Finished Size 60" by72".
Pattern from an Old Red Barn Quilt Along.
I have made it before. That one is living at our Mom's house.

Quilted by Lynn in an all over loopy design.
Linking up to Fabric Tuesday.


  1. Sooooo agreed on the straight printing. It's just annoying when you've paid a premium for designer fabric.

  2. Love the quilt; especially the back. I am noticing the yellow and grays around and I love the color combination. Beautiful!

  3. Very, very pretty!
    I'm sure Ashlee is going to be so HAPPY to get it.

  4. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE. July cant come soon enough..

  5. Ashlee's twin ia SUPER JEALOUS!!



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