Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Randomness & a Cute Suit

It isn't summer here yet--at least not weather wise.  Two weeks after school has let out and we haven't been able to go to our public pools yet due to rain and cool weather.  Overcast and 61 degrees today.  Not summer!  The kids are anxious and ready to revolt. The only saving factor has been swimming lessons--indoors.  We have 2 more days of those and then the weather had better cooperate or I may be looking for year round school to enroll my children in.

For you quilters who can't throw away even the slightest scrap of fabric I can empathize.  I have a hard time tossing swimsuit fabric when I know there is enough to make a little suit.  And I don't have little little people at my house anymore.  So I try not keep if I can help it.

However, when I finished some suits for an order a few weeks ago I couldn't toss the cute polka-dot material that was left.  Luckily I had some matching pink and made the little cute suit below.  First time I've made this suit in 2-toned.  I like that it looks like a faux tankini.

It is for sale on my Etsy shop. 
It is a girls' size 6. Too bad my B. is too big for it.

If you buy it I'll toss in a remnant piece of this Guess apple print swimsuit fabric (16" x 59" piece).  Just type in "APPLE" in the comments from buyer section when you order.


  1. Cute polka dot fabric. BTW-Miss S has been living in her tankini. The bottoms are now seemingly fine. Not sure what happened.

  2. The weather was driving us batty, too! Yesterday, in an attempt to save our sanity, I pushed all the living room furniture to the edges of the room, just for a larger play area. I also took silly photos of my kids and we did some belly laughing. I'm so glad the sun is out today!!!

  3. where do you buy all your great swimsuit fabric??


    Above is the link to my Etsy shop, or you can click on the link on the right of our home page right below the icon of the swimsuit.

    The shop where I buy here locally does not sell online. So instead I am buying from them and then reselling. The selection changes as they get end bolts and remnants. I haven't seen anymore of that polka-dot I used for this post.

    Check out my shop. I try and keep the prices reasonable compared with other sites I've seen out there. I do have quite a bunch on there right now and some really cute pieces.

  5. Can I just tell you I found your blog a couple of months ago....and I LOVE it! Fabulous tutorials...and my goal is to make a swimsuit before summer is over. thanks!



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