Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring = Prom & Bridal Dresses

Well, that time of year has started--Prom & Bridal dresses are everywhere.  I have a wedding dress alteration lined up here in the next couple of months for one of our neighbors.  She isn't getting married until August or September, so they aren't in any kind of rush.  But I usually do get one or two calls last minute from someone about needing a "quick" alteration on a dress in time for a dance.  Sometimes I can help them, and sometimes I can't.

I recently altered a dress for my friend Carrie to wear as a bridesmaid at her brother's wedding a week or so ago.  She is wearing this dress from David's Bridal.  It really is quite the flattering style of dress.  I just love rouching!  It can both enhance and hide at the same time....perfect.

However, we revamped it--whacking off the length to make it knee-length and then adding some cap sleeves.  And also adding a little spot in front so there wasn't quite so much cleavage exposed. 

Carrie is on the far left of the bridal party.

Carrie thinks the color (Key Lime) is hideous, but my L., 14 going on 15, thinks it's great.  She wants this dress!  We might have to work out something with Carrie once she is done wearing the dress.

I'm glad that the dress worked out for you Carrie.  You look smashing--and you're right...the flowers are gorgeous!

Next up in the wedding alteration department....tangerine dresses...2 flower girls, and a bridesmaid.  It must be a sherbet trend this year for weddings.

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  1. I think the color is pretty, though as a bridesmaid I might've hated it, too. Your alterations look great as always.



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