Monday, May 30, 2011

The Art Wall

I've been wanting to make an art wall for a really long time. 

This wall is in between a picture window and the backdoor from the kitchen.  You automatically see it when you walk in the front door so it makes a pretty big statement.
The Art Wall

The pictures were collected over the course of the last year, all done my kids, framed simply and inexpensively.  The random non-uniform spacing was intentional.  I'm trying to decide if my symmetrical/organized brain can handle it.

Watercolor by kindergartener, Colorful Dots by 6th grader

top by 3rd grader, bottom by 6th grader

Same concept done by different kids
Still Life

Self Portrait by the 4yr old

It's been fun watching the kids stare at the wall and examine all the pictures.  I think it has made them feel pretty special to see their "work" hanging up.


  1. I love this! Like really love it. I think the watercolor is my fave.



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