Friday, May 6, 2011

Grandma's Retro Dress Redo

This was a little challenge project to myself.

Along with all the shirts I brought home from our Grandma's house I also got a couple of her dresses.  One of which was a dress she wore a lot, and for many years. We all had a good laugh that it was still in her closet when she died.  We think she made it for herself sometime in the early 80's. 

You can see that it is decidedly retro looking.  So the challenge to myself was to see if I could take the dress and make it wearable for someone younger than Grandma.  Part of that challenge included the fact that Grandma was about 5' 2" tall and 100 pounds.  I am 5' 8" and decidedly more than 100 pounds. 

Here is what I did:
Removed the ties and refinished the neckline
Shortened the sleeves
Replaced the elastic in the waist as it was completely deteriorated.
Left the length untouched
Added a thick belt
And Voila!

I wore it on Easter Sunday and no one seemed to notice my polyester dress! :)  That was actually a good thing.  I was hoping it would be my little secret.

With it all said and done, I think Grandma would be pleased that I redid her dress!  :)  And even if I never wear it again I would call the project a success.

Grandma with her 5 children -- our dad and his 4 sisters

Both of our Grandma's with us and our other siblings 


  1. You did a great job! How special that you have created something modern for yourself from an item loved by your grandma:)

  2. That is pretty cool! I'm impressed.

  3. I like it! You must of died the color because it looked like a brighter blue than the old one.

  4. No dye, just weird lighting that day.
    The very first picture has the truest color.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I have a few shirts from my Grandmother - I may try to do something to them, now that I have seen how great it can be done!



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