Monday, February 28, 2011

Winner #2--swimsuit

  And the winner of the swimsuit is:

Who wrote: "You must live somewhere by me because we've had the same weather you've described.
I've also been cleaning out closets and also cleaning the house. Call it a pre-spring cleaning. I've begun thinking about what I'm going to plant in my garden and when I can start my seeds indoors next month."

Yep, we do live close.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  And Shannon, drop us an email letting me know what size your daughter is and what colors/styles she likes.  Then we can discuss the options via email--or telephone, 'cuz I think you might be that close.


  1. I couldn't find your e-mail on your blog anywhere! Silly me. I sent you an e-mail on your Etsy site or you can e-mail me at

    Thank you!!



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