Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great-Grandma's Doily

One of the things that I got from our Grandma's home when we were going thru everything after the funeral was a doily crocheted by her mother, our Great-grandma Cooper.  Nobody else seemed to want it, and although I wasn't sure what I'd do with it, I took it anyway.

Then during the course of the days after that one of my aunt's gave me a tour of her home and she had a doily framed on display in one of her bedrooms.  Great idea for me.

Once I was home I checked with Michael's framing dept. to see how they would attach it and they told me they just sew it carefully onto a mat board.  Well, I can certainly do that without paying someone else to do it for me.  So I found a 12" x 12" shadow box frame on sale ($6), and bought a pretty piece of scrapbooking cardstock ($.25).  I couldn't find the right color mat board for the price I wanted to pay.   I hand sewed the doily onto the paper myself.  Then I attached the paper with double sided tape to the mat board.

Now that is it completed I'm going to hang it in my living room. 

Here's a bit of the detailing from the doily.


  1. What a beautiful display of your great grandmother's wonderful doily!

  2. Genius! I have a doily my Grandma crocheted sitting in my attic because I can't stomach the cost of framing it. But this I can do! Thank you so much for the inspiration.



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