Friday, February 4, 2011

Change of Couch

There was an unplanned change of scenery in our living room earlier this week.  We hadn't planned on getting a different couch, but a friend of ours was getting a new one and wanted to get rid of their old one.  Theirs happened to be in MUCH better shape than our current one and the style worked for me, and so the changing of the couches took place.

And instead of paying $40 to "recycle" (i.e. pay someone else to dispose of it) the old couch, hubby decided he could dismantle the couch with a little help from his friend the reciprocating saw.  Then we chucked some pieces in the trash and we'll probably do that 2 more times to get rid of all the pieces.  Before he got to that point however, we had to take out the hide-a-bed mattress and metal springs portion.  You can see it in the background on the left.  The kids thought the couch frame made a great play area and tried to talk us into keeping that.  Uhhhh,!  We will, however, keep the old cushion and use it as a sleepover mat of sorts. (see it standing up in the back right corner?)

If you ever need to take out some frustration or aggression I highly recommend destroying a couch.  Did I mention we've been in the middle of a possible job loss drama for the past 10 days or so?  Oh yeah, the couch destruction was EXTREMELY therapeutic.  So would've been a great game of raquetball.

Almost complete with the destruction and dissambly.

Here is the "new" couch--also a hide-a-bed, which we sometimes need.  If nothing else the kids like to have a movie night or sleepover out in the LR on it.  I may end up making a slipcover for it, but for now we're all happy with a better couch that was free.  Thanks, Amber! (I love your new couch too.)


  1. I don't think I've ever seen your hardwood floors so well before. Awesome.

  2. Ha!! We've dismantled and disposed of a couch in a similar fashion. It looked somewhat similar.

    Enjoy your new free couch! That's a great looking addition to your room.



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