Thursday, February 24, 2011

500th Post Giveaway #3---Fabric Banner

For our last giveaway we have a fabric banner made by Leslie!

For a chance to win leave a comment telling us about the last really great party you went to.  
What was the occasion?  Why was it so great?  

And remember there is still time to put your name in the giveaways for a 
Good Luck! 

We'll post winners sometime tomorrow...


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  2. Well I'm kind of lacking in the really great parties lately. I went to a V-day one though that my husband was in charge of for church (as EQ pres) I had to help him do the decorations.
    The turn out was pretty sad.

  3. oooh! pretty! E turns one in march and I'd love something more festive than... crepe. crappy crappy crepe.

    the last great party i went to was a celebration of the divine gift of womanhood (aka a baby shower I threw with some other ladies for a friend). We ate delicious food, everyone dressed up to the nines (it was in the evening), and we told stories, sang songs and read poems about womanhood and motherhood and children. Everyone was uplifted and it seriously rocked. I wanna do it again, and soon.

    P.s. congrats to you all on 500 posts!

  4. I always like checking out what you ladies are working on and I think it is so exciting that this a 500th post giveaway!! The last great party I went to was either for Josh's 3rd Birthday, or for Valentines Day. Josh's 3rd Birthday part was so great because he was so exited about it for so long, and our Valentine's Day Party was so great because it was the first time in 6 years(?) we celebrated with all my siblings together again. I love shooting the dollar store bow & arrows at heart targets.

  5. The last great party was last year's Halloween party given by my brother for little kids 7 and under. It conincided on my birthday! Congratulations on the 500th post! Thanks for the giveaway to celebrate.

  6. January 2011 - my daughter's 21st! a great mix of young and old - and a good time was had by all!

  7. Went to an amazing Christmas party in December. Amazing decorations and food.

  8. The last great party we went to was a superbowl party. Laughed a lot, spent the time with friends. Watched the game and commercials and had great food.

  9. last great party was my best friend's wedding. We got to dress up, eat awesome food, and dance the night away. I havent done that since. It's been 5 years!

  10. I'd love to win the giveaway banner. We're always celebrating some occasion with streamers, and a banner would be a great addition! The last great party was probably my husband's b'day which is right after Christmas and before New Year's so we try to make it special.

  11. Pick me! Pick me!

    Great party? We had a mini new years party and what made it fun:

    1. great people
    2. great games: Wii "Now you can dance", "jenga", and "hand and foot"
    3. great food

  12. The best 'party' we ever had/attended was a surprise for my parents 40th anniversary. We held it in a park and had everybody show up for a huge picnic with lots of games and races. It was the absolute best time!



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