Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Library Bag {Spanish Version}

We just love Señora Belistri. She is from Uruguay, and my 5th grade kids are about the same height as her, but we love her anyway.

Our oldest daughter had her for 5th grade, and now daughter #2 has had her this past year, which is good for them, but then I am left trying to figure out what to give as a gift that I haven't already given her.

I joked with her about that fact and she said she would gladly take another tote bag--because she uses the one we gave her all the time. I'm not one to readily turn down requests. If she wants another bag, then so be it. So with her suggestion and help we came up with the Spanish version of a library bag.

"Me gusta leer!"--I like to read--Spanish style! I tried a little embroidery embellishment using my most recently acquired machine. I like how it turned out.

Velcroed pocket on the backside to hold your library card.
Inside lining

Thanks, Sra. Belistri for another great 5th grade year. We'll keep our fingers crossed we have you again in another 2 years for kid #3.

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