Thursday, January 14, 2010

How many is TOO many??!

Here is my most recent freebie acquisition. A lady at church sent out an email that she was getting rid of a Kenmore (which I love that brand) sewing machine and anyone who wanted it could come get it. Well, apparently I was the first one to respond. Yeah, for me!

However, then the question arose, and not from my hubby, but within my own head, "How many machines is TOO many to have in one house?" I was feeling a little guilty because I have a couple machines already and I know that a friend or two are looking for one, and I straight up refuse to sew with one of my friends because her machine is a nightmare (Sorry Cindy--but she knows it too and completely agrees). But here it is at my house nonetheless.

Anyone else have this dilemma? Are sewing machines multiplying while you're not looking? (or other crafting items?) How many sewing machines do you have in your possession?

O.K., the answer for me is that this makes machine #7 at our house. Yikes! I sound like a hoarder.

In my defense, one is currently being used as a lamp table in my living room.

I have no idea if the machine attached to it even works because it too was a "gift" when a friend was moving. I looked closer at it the other day. It is an O-L-D Singer and a number of things are missing--including the bobbin case and the lid to cover the bobbin and underside of the machine. So it may not ever be worth the effort to repair and besides I love the little table and so don't really care one way or other about the machine. I doubt I'll ever use the sewing machine. (Does that put me back down to 6 machines?)

Another machine is a treadle that I bought last summer for $25 at a garage sale. I've always thought these were the coolest things. I am pretty sure it will work, after I send it to my sewing machine repairman and let him work his magic, but I haven't done that yet. So it sits down in the basement waiting for some loving care.

Then I have a serger and an embroidery machine.

So really this will only make regular sewing machine #3. (See the justification at work here?) And one of those already belongs to daughter #1. (More justification) So now daughter #2 is convinced that this machine will be hers. I'm still thinking about that as this machine does some cool things that my current machine does not (like decorative borders). Even if she gets it (and she is extremely possessive with "her things"), she isn't moving out of the house for at least another 8 years or so, so we should be fine "sharing" until then.

I have to say when I went and dropped the machine off at the fabric store for my favorite repairman to clean it and adjust the tension (which as far as I can tell is the only thing wrong with it) the lady working there admitted that she, too, had 7 machines--because in her words, "you need to have one handy if one of the others are getting serviced, and so that others can sew along with you at your house without having to haul their machines around." I guess I'll be in good company. Can't wait to play with it tomorrow after I pick it up.


  1. I tend to keep craft stuff too (though I only have one sewing machine). You never know when you'll NEED it!

    My husband is studying computer software development. Computer parts have taken over our house. When we moved to our house from our apartment, I told him those old dinosaur monitors had to go--we had 5! Currently we have 5 computers in our house, and all are in use (and only our oldest child is big enough to use a computer)! I completely understand.

    And I'm a little jealous.

  2. holy smokes, Renae! you are hard core. One machine for me. I've never even considered having another. Even a serger....I always tell myself I don't really need one. Which I don't. But it would be nice for some projects. I definitely don't sew as much though. And I think the sewing machine as side table is very clever. Very, very clever and so perfect.

    P.S. what in the world is a treadle?

  3. i have just a few that work and several that are out of comission....but i can't bring myself to throw them away.

  4. A treadle machine is the ones that you use your feet to work the machine and sort of "pump it" to go. This is what the first machines were like.

    And as far as I'm concerned everyone needs a serger. You don't really know you need one until you've used one and then they are amazing.

  5. I agree about the serger. I could not live without mine. I happen to only have one regular machine and one serger, but I'd love an embroidery machine as well as another machine that has a longer arm for quilting. These purchases would of course lead to needing a bigger sewing room. Maybe I could take over the playroom. Tiffany

  6. I definitely don't sew as much though. And I think the sewing machine as side table is very clever. Very, very clever and so perfect.

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  7. When I got my new machine (less than 2 years ago) my husband could not get the other one out the door fast enough. It was slightly possessed, and didn't run very well (thus the new machine), but I was VERY sad to see it go. It was my mothers machine and she gave it to me when I started to show interest in sewing (after having baby #1). She, like you, has several machines in various stages of working order.

  8. Hmm...I live in Asia where I have a serger and an 18-yr-old Pfaff (that's still a dream) and a great hand cranked Russian Singer for when the power is out (often). That's 3. Then, in my home in Colorado I have a new Kenmore and my daughter living in the house has a serger and 2 machines. Plus, we still own the basic Brother I got for my 14th birthday--we still pull that thing out to teach others, etc. I don't think antique machines should count in the inventory do you?

  9. Well, I've got four -- my new machine, the one that was great-grandma's, a featherweight, and a treadle.

    And my twelve year old daughter has two (not counting the toy Barbie machine)

    If you've got the room to keep old machine, why get rid of them? Especially the great old workhorses that are still going to be running when the new ones have given out?

    Machines that are serving as furniture (my treadle, your lamp stand) definitely shouldn't be counted!



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