Monday, June 28, 2010

4th of July jumper

French seams anyone? Yes, Please! I love them so much.
I don't own a serger so I like to finish this way.

Since it is a summer jumper I just finished the facing with bias tape.
(instead of lining it)
(like some of the others)

Pattern is New Look 6576
I cut a size large for my two year old. She's on the smaller side. Fits her perfectly.
Fabric is from JoAnn's calico wall. I have no idea what it is called, but it had the Joann's logo printed on the selvedge edge.


  1. Love it. And I too love French seams. I even own a serger and still prefer doing French seams. They just look so pretty.

  2. oh, I love me some french seams. Just like Syocom I do own serger but I still use french seams.

  3. favorite. i would definitely this - so cute.

  4. Oh, so beautiful! Great fabric; unusual and wonderful choice for girls' clothes. And I envy your tidy sewing!

  5. Looks great, Les!
    French seams are awesome when there is no serger around. I'm not sure I would choose those over a serger, but I might depending on the article of clothing.



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