Monday, February 22, 2010

Orange Mango Tango Quilt

...for lack of a better name that is what I am going with for this quilt I made in January. The fabric I have had for at least a year...but I am thinking most likely longer than that.

This is just a basic Disappearing 9 Patch design but I arranged it so that it appears to have a bit of a border to it. Besides the fact that this quilt is LOUD and CRAZY I am extremely happy with the quilting option that I tried on this one. I wasn't sure about it at first, but now I am loving it.

I used my newly acquired machine and quilted using one of the embroidery stitches available on it. I had seen this type of quilting done in some book from the library (that I can't remember now which book), but it added a different element to the quilt's look.

I just have to say that doing this type of quilting will take MUCH more thread that you think. I had originally bought 2 spools of G├╝termann (110 yds. each) thinking that would be plenty. WRONG!! I ended up having to use 7 spools! (that would be 4 regular Coats & Clarks 250 yd. spools). When I went back to get more they were all out--and although they had some ordered they didn't know when exactly it would arrive in stock. Who knew that khaki/avocado green would be THE popular color of the week? I ended up hunting down more spools at another store. They held every spool they had in stock and then I drove more miles than I probably should have to get them so I could finish this project.


Finished Size: 60" W x 78" L

Cut 6" blocks

Cut 3" sashing strips


  1. oh! this is so beautiful and really really fun!

  2. I love the quilting it looks really good. I've done something similar and was shocked at how much thread i used. crazyness

  3. I want some of that orange and white polka-dot fabric!!

  4. Oh...and when I went to "quilt club" with the old ladies this week one of them brought a queen-sized bed quilt that they had quilted like this. Thought of you...

  5. I think that quilting stitch turned out pretty cool! I like the colors in the quilt too.

  6. Let me know how much orange polka dot you want. I'm pretty sure I saw some at my store the other day.



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