Friday, February 5, 2010

The Quilt Hanger

This is where my quilts live while they are in progress.
The quilts change, but the scene remains the same.
Sometimes I feel like they take up permanent residency.

Where do your projects live?


  1. Haha. Our projects live on my kitchen table. Oh to move out of our tiny apartment someday. :) Your quilts are beautiful!

  2. My projects live in my sewing nook that seems to be slowly but surely taking over my dining room. :)

  3. Mine are in my disaster area of a sewing room--folded up and either in my cabinet or in a big bin. I try to control the madness but sometimes it is more out of control than I would like.

    I've already purged some things, but I need to do more.

  4. they live in a pile all over my living room.

  5. since my aprartment is so small my projects are on the floor so I can see them, other than that while they wait there in one of five bins. It's crazy how some hobbies can take over.

  6. I actually really like the picture on the wall of the flag! Is that a poster, a picture you took yourself? just curious and would love if you could pass along the info on it.

  7. That looks so pretty!
    My WIPs are just folded up in boxes or on my sewing table....not nearly as nice as this :/

  8. nice!! i like it.. if only i had a level area like that... mine reside on the bars of my quilt frame or in project bins!



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