Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Selvage Edges Pencil Case

The beginning of the new school year is fast approaching at our house. It may be already upon you and yours. School supplies are always a pain to round up, and this year it will be no exception with 4 of my 5 kids in school full time.

As I was checking out the various lists of supplies I decided to try a little something different for pencil cases. I know you can go buy them cheap, but then they don't last through the school year and you have to go buy another one down the road. So this year we decided to make some.
This was definitely a "wing it" project. Next time around I would probably do a few things different, but for now I'm happy and the kids are happy. And it used up some of my scraps.

I decided to try my hand at using selvages--topstitching them down on a piece of muslin or other scrap fabric about 13" square. Added an exposed zipper, and then some straps to put them into their binders. If you want to see some serious selvage seamstresses go to Google and type in "selvage" and you'll be amazed at some of the awesome quilts and other items people have made using their selvages. I think the original one where Emily first saw this kind of sewing was at Vintage Ric Rac. But hey, if you're like me, start small--like a pencil case.


  1. I'm still saving my selvages for a yet undecided quilt top. It will be my "someday" project. As in "someday I will make a selvage quilt."

  2. I love this idea! In fact I linked it to my blog, giving credit where credit was due. My trash bin is full of selvage edges. I always did like a pencil holder with personality.



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