Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've been living in these skirts for most of the summer. Wearing them pretty much everywhere. So much cuter than my current wardrobe of ill-fitting shorts!

Ye old standby skirt pattern

Hawaiian Fabric from JoAnn's ~ pink shirt from Old Navy
White Eyelet from my mother-in-law ~ blue ruffle shirt from Antilia Femme
Paisley is Anna Griffin's Paisley in Blue ~ green ruffle shirt from JCPenney


  1. the eyelet one is my fave. and with that blue it!

  2. Very cute--I've been wearing my denim skirt quite a bit in the last weeks or so. I like them better.

  3. I love that skirt too! Cute tops too. I can't wait to fit into "normal" clothes again!!!!

  4. Your skirts are beautiful! I made some skirts for myself this summer too and I love wearing them. I really wish I could go on wearing them all winter long.

  5. I'm a skirt-kind-of-girl too. And a dress lover, but dresses are less practical in breastfeeding periods. Oh well, that time will come again :-)

    Your skirts are lovely!



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