Thursday, July 2, 2009


A is For Apron, by Nathalie Mornu.

I originally saw the book while I was browsing one day at Jo-Ann's earlier this year, and then went home and reserved it at my local library. I waited for a couple months to get the book, because apparently it has been a popular book, and only one or two copies were available in my library area.

I decided to go ahead and buy the book because it did have some fun styles. I've made a few of them in the past weeks or so. This is my review somewhat of the book and a few hints for the patterns.

First of all, none of the patterns say to interface the waistbands. I did on all of mine because I think that they lay nicer and stand up better. That would be a personal preference.

Waldorf, pg. 58-59
I just love the pretty scalloped hem. As an FYI, you use just over 2 yds. of the bias tape (I had 1 & 7/8 yd. leftover from my 4 yd. package). Therefore, if you preferred to use the 1/2" double fold bias tape, which only comes in 3 yd. packages, you could go ahead and buy just one package.

I added 2" to the length of the apron. For the most part I don't think you would need to lengthen it unless you are making if for someone quite tall. (I am 6'2".)

I also added a pocket with a little folded over scalloped edge. The pattern did not call for a pocket, but you can easily add one if you prefer it--which I always want a pocket on my own personal aprons. I cut 2 and edged them together in the bias tape along the scallop and then attached it to the apron itself.
Version #2--for Fall

Only difference was I messed around with the pocket a bit and gathered it before attaching it. I think that what I would do next is sandwich a little piece of elastic in between the 2 pockets so that the pocket "gives" a bit as you stick your hand in it.

Amoeba, pg. 34-36
First of all, my kids loved the fact that this pattern appears to be a large set of lips as it is laid out flat. So they call is the "kiss apron".

The biggest problem with this pattern in my opinion is the ties are TOO short. The pattern called for 16" long ties. This was BARELY long enough to tie a bow around the waist of my 9 yr. old. For me I was only able to tie it in a knot. Dumb look, if you ask me.
16" long ties view on both my daugher and me---Too Short!!

I ended up taking the ties off, recutting them to 31" long and then attaching them. I can now tie my apron with a bow, and not just an overhand knot. This is much better to look at (the ties, that is...not necessarily my backside).I also decided to cut 4 of the ties so that there wasn't a wrong or right side to them. You probably don't need to do this if your fabric is printed decent enough. I just laid out 2 per tie, wrong sides together, and then bound them together with the bias tape.
I also found that attaching the bias tape to the vee'd top and bottom was a little tricky. Mine probably isn't as sharp as it could be. Oh well...this was practice.I did a topstitch on the pocket on both the inner and outer edges of the bias tape. The book suggested just topstitching on the inner edge, which is where it encases the pocket. You can decide which look you like best.

Twirl, Girl, pg. 101-103
This a very easy pattern to make, but oh so cute. I did not lengthen anything on this pattern, but you could easily enough if you prefer it longer. I love the contrasting piece. I used up the last of the fabric that I had used for this top for L. Now she has a matching apron to use if she wants.

The finished ties were about 28" long. Finished length of apron is about 18" from top of waistband to hem.
I also had to improvise slightly as I snipped a hole in the fabric as I was clipping threads. ARGH!!! I couldn't figure out any other way to fix it and make it look decent except for adding some pretty ribbon to the hem edge to cover up the hole. Luckily it worked and I had some that matched so that I didn't have to go buy anything. Plus, L. does like it and so life is good.
Once again for the little girl version I only enlarged the pattern 300% not 400%. The ties for the little girl ended up being about 1 3/4" wide (finished) and about 20" long (finished). The apron itself measured 13" finished length from top of waistband to hem.


  1. so cute! I am just beginning to quilt, but want to try sewing an apron. I just looked and my local library doesn't have this book...maybe I'll have to buy it!

  2. I've seen this book but wasn't sure what the patterns were like, and I'm fairly short and stubby so I'm a little particular when it comes to my aprons! Thanks for the review :)

  3. Those aprons are really cute! I never have been wearing aprons a lot, but I think I have to rethink that!

  4. Very nice! I bought this book a month ago and haven't made anything yet. Glad I didn't until I saw your comments.

  5. thanks for sharing!! i was wondering how a book could be all about aprons.. and only aprons!



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