Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Reunion Theme Night: Fiesta

NIGHT Two: Fiesta Night

Gotta have a pinata for Fiesta Night--we had 4 of them. We wanted to make sure that all who wanted the opportunity to whack the pinata, could. The kids thought they were awesome!

We started from youngest to oldest. The really little ones got to take a whack at it without blindfolds, but the bigger ones had to do it with.

At the end the uncles had a go at it. The kids really loved watching them swing and miss--more than once.

Here is our tip for pinatas--if you can, find the star type shown below. And instead of hanging them by the one little loop that is provided, wrap your twine, or whatever you use, around the actually body of the pinata and it will last through a lot more hits.

For food we ate super nachos (the man name for taco salad), soft tacos, refried beans, and spanish rice. And check out Leslie's creativity for our other Fiesta Night activity!

We also went here on this day.

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