Monday, June 15, 2009


If you haven't figured it out yet...I always make things in multiples. It's just easier and faster for me. And I like easier and faster!

Here are some other versions of the same skirt I made for S while I was making bird skirts:
They are quilckly becoming my girls "go-to" clothes of choice.


  1. Ok, I am so missing my sewing machine right now. In between moving & such do you think you could make me a few for my 3 girls? That's such a great summer 'go-to' outfit.

  2. these are really cute. and they look like they will grow easily with your little girl as she gets taller. great job.

  3. Not only are those adorable, but those are some sweet action shots!

  4. Cute skirts! Here we can't have enough skirts in the closet. If my daughter had the choice, she wouldn't wear anything else :-)



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