Monday, June 22, 2009

2+2 blouse and pleated skirt

here is my 18 month old wearing the outfit. not listening to me....not turning around. but you can see the cute buttons down the back.

You've already heard my feelings on the top. The skirt is great, but those pleats won't last past the first washing. Total bummer. It will just look like a full skirt which kind of defeats the purpose of making all those pleats in the first place. But I'm still a huge fan of these patterns.

see pattern here


  1. Yeah, about the only way to get pleats to stay permanently is to sew them down--unfortunately. Even from the back, little missy looks cute.

  2. You might be surprised with the pleats...I've washed K's cheerleading skirt and it stayed pleated. Not "creased" but the pleats still looked fairly decent.



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