Saturday, June 13, 2009

More T-Shirt Transformations

Getting ready for the family reunion and working on our 70's night get-ups. Miss M. was more than happy to help out. We used the tie dye kits that come in boxes at either Jo-Ann's or Michaels. They do a couple different shirts at a time, but I still don't think that they can do as many as the box says. Also make sure you use gloves when you are removing the rubber bands before washing. I didn't the first time and ended up with colored hands. The directions don't tell you to wear them during that process, just during the dye application.Don't be afraid of bright or bold colors after you unwrap it from the plastic. The pictures both above and below are both the before washing pictures.
Same shirt after washing below. Personally I would rather they stay the darker/brighter colors, but I haven't figured out how to do it. Just leave the colors on as long or longer than the directions say to.
Here are the shirts all lined up and ready for the reunion. Mine below is with the iron-on decal.

I used Tulip® T-shirt Transformers which I bought on clearance at Jo-Ann's for $.97. I think it was well worth the bargain price. L. is actually coveting my shirt and she'll probably get it once the reunion is over...maybe.
And since we still had a little bit of dye left over we went ahead and colored this bag that we store our baseball bases in. I don't think we'll lose it, do you? I really just wish it would remain this bright once it gets washed. Oh well.......long live tie dye! O.K. maybe not.

One of the kits we bought also had some glitter spray that you add at the very end. All 3 girls wanted that on their shirts. I would've taken a picture but you can't really see it that way. Let me just say that they love it. It does look cool in the sunlight. We also bought some glow-in-the-dark spray for the boys' shirts. It works! We tried it out.


  1. Cool. can't wait to see the glow in the dark. And I wonder why they wash out so much. the ones Em did for us are also muted. Who knows the trick out there to keep them saturated?

  2. I've left it on for several days to make it darker/brighter.

    Love your shirts!

  3. The reunion is going to be hilarious!!!

  4. We went to Myrtle Beach last summer, where my older girl made a tie-dyed shirt. The people helping her told her not to wash it that night, and the next morning, she had to go dunk it in the ocean to help set the color. They also told me to hold off on washing it as long as I could, to help keep the color. It isn't as vibrant as yours, but it still looks great!

  5. A friend of mine told me that you should use 100% cotton tees for the best color.



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