Thursday, June 4, 2009

Easy Father's Day Cards

If you haven't seen these yet, they are super easy to put together and there's lots of space for the kids to decorate a card for dad. :) I would recommend having them color on the piece of paper before folding it into the shirt. Also, using thicker paper like card stock, was harder to fold. I would use construction paper or just regular white paper.


  1. I've seen these type of cards before but this one is the cutest I've seen!

  2. Love it, Ash! You + me = same wavelength.

  3. What a great idea!! I love it!Thanks to the Fincher fam for always being so creative!

  4. We make those out of dollar bills, whatever denomination you want to give, to include in cards, etc. =)
    There is no tie of course, but still very cute.



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