Friday, May 1, 2009

Toddler PJ's

I started sewing again this week. I'm feeling enormous pressure to complete projects before baby #2 gets here. Also, L has outgrown all her pajamas and my search in the stores has been empty. I'd rather buy her pj's any day (I like to sew special things....not everyday clothes), but what I found was ugly or expensive. I think I'll chalk this project up to a not very exciting, but necessary one. She does look cute in them though.

Oliver and S bedtime story pajamas (bottoms only this time). Super easy and a perfect fit.

Butterfly fabric is from Joann's calico wall. T-shirt is from Walmart.

I like the finishing touches on this pattern. leg hem is finished with binding.

and a little ribbon tag so you can easily spot the back. Our mom used to mark the backs for us with thread. I like this better.

I also made a pair using this fabric. (best picture I could get from the angry toddler. She was SO MAD at me)

fabric is by Sandi Henderson vintage dots in lime
grouchy toddler is mine. all mine. :)

****I gave New Look 6333 a try several months ago, but hated it. Besides the gigantic "never going to fit a one year old" sizing ...... I just plain hated the top. Too many ties. I thought it was messy and awkward.


  1. My kids would rather wear the ones I made irregardless of what's on them. Maybe it makes them feel loved or something. Now they are asking when I'm going to make them MORE pj's for summer. Must be needing more love! :)

  2. Love the PJs! I need to sew some summerish PJs for my kids. And I really love the ribbon for identifying the back! That is always an issue for my kids.

    I have not liked any Simplicity patterns I have tried. The sizing is all wrong. I tend to stick with McCall's most of the time. But now I also want to try an Oliver+S pattern, too!

  3. Very cute, grouchy baby and all.

    So was the binding on the cuff hem made with self fabric--like making your own bias tape? It almost looks like it is a fake cuff.

  4. it's like making your own bias tape except it's not cut on the bias. don't really need bias on the hem. other than that it is double fold like bias tape it. that make sense?

  5. I love the tag idea. I'll have to start doing that! And I really like the leg cuffs too. Nice finish.

  6. Love the ribbon tag idea. I have always sewn in a square, so my kids can tell, but this is much nicer. Love the binding. Tiffany

  7. Really? It looks like she is just taking a nap! Congrats on feeling well enough to sew again.



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