Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ruffled Neckline Top

I was not looking to buy any new patterns, but found this pretty top a week or so ago while I was buying notions. I thought I would give it a try although I'm not sure it is my regular style. Oh well, sometimes it is good to try new things and get out of your comfort zone.

Simplicity 2599

Our neighbor, Doug, is getting remarried this summer (his 1st wife passed away 2 years ago) and his new sweetie Carol is cleaning out her stuff before moving into his house. They gave me a couple boxes of fabric. Most of it I then gave to my local thrift store, but lucky for me there was a piece that was just perfect for this blouse--nice hankerchief linen and almost the exact same color salmon as the model is wearing. I made view E (which is what the model is wearing), and added sleeves. I am not a sleeveless gal at all.

I received a number of compliments when I wore this to church, mostly everyone was loving the ruffled neck and bow. For sure that is what I liked about it too.

Besides adding the sleeves the other changes I would do next time is that instead of cutting the back piece in 2 separate pieces I would cut one on the fold. The neck opening is definitely large enough to pull it over and that is essentially what this tops does anyway--so why put in a back seam, buttonloop closure, etc.? Save yourself the steps and just make it one back piece.

Also, it is a looser fitted top, which to me, isn't how it is worn by the model pictured. I ended up taking my top in a bit more on the side seams and could still pull it over my head without any problems. So double check that part before finishing it all up.

I might also eliminate the bust darts--I don't particularly need them myself--and so I think I would just cut the front piece without those. I'll have to make one and report about that to be sure.


I found a prettly little floral piece on clearance for $1.50/yd. to make a skirt to match.

I used a pattern I already had, Simplicity 4548--view A, and just stuck elastic in the waistband instead of doing the drawstring. I figured that would be better with the shirt that I'll be wearing with it. I've made this skirt before, but apparently didn't post anything about it. I have 2 that are made out of gauze like fabric that do have the drawstring and I just wear them with a t-shirt to kick around in during the summer.


  1. LOVE THAT!! I wish you all lived closer so I could hire you.

  2. Love all those feminine!

  3. Beautiful ruffled neckline and yummy color! Where's a picture of the skirt?

  4. Oops, didn't notice the skirt pattern pic.

  5. Very pretty - it's something I might even wear. ;)



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