Monday, May 4, 2015

Regrading a small brick patio

One of hubby's first projects at this new house was to change this little landing area in the front of the house on the right.
It needed to be regraded so that the water didn't pool right there in the corner.
It bugged him.

It also didn't help that there were things growing there that shouldn't be.

So out all the brick came, pulled up the stickly things growing there, and then he added some more gravel stuff (yeah, that's my technical word for it) underneath to raise the grade and make it slope out to the walkway away from the house.

Once he did that then all the brick had to go back in.
We recruited the kids to put that puzzle back together.
Actually they had taken it out in an orderly fashion and knew right how to put it back.

They were good sports.  Although the boy teenager felt he would be most helpful by "directing" everyone else from a sitting position.  And my girls, as my sister-in-law pointed out, are wearing ballet flats to do landscape work.  Hmm...not the best footwear for this, but oh well, at least they helped.

Once they had it all back in place we added some more sand in between the grooves and we're set.
Now I get to decide what we'll do with that little space.
I'm not sure what is growing in my yard yet.
Hopefully there are some good plants and not just weeds.

Maybe I'll find a bench to place there.
Or add some potted plants.  Maybe tomatoes would grow nicely there.
Our youngest did move our dog Jasmine's memorial marker to that little rocky spot.
He wanted it front and center.

For now it can stay.

Any suggestions for what to do with this little patio space?

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  1. I think pots of flowers (pots of various sizes) would look nice and add some color. M



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