Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Quilt Barn Tour--Barn #1

One of the things I found here as we've moved is that we are now more rural than not. 
Moving from a city of 20K plus to a town with less than 8K is a change.
The local post office is completely closed during the lunch hour.
This reminds me of siesta time while I was living in Argentina.
The closest grocery store closes at 9 p.m. What?! Hello! 24/7 Cub Foods and Wal-Mart.
We are adjusting to the changes, and really most of them are just fine.

There are plenty of farms and farmland around as we drive between here and there.
A pleasant surprise has been to find these quilt barns in the area.

I finally stopped today and took pictures of this one. 
I drive past it every week.
It just might be my favorite.

I'll be photographing some of the others in my area as the weeks roll on.
They make me happy to look at them.

I wonder if it would be too goofy to hang one up on the empty side of my house facing the street?

  • Barn Quilts of Carver County
  • A couple that I have seen nearby are not even on this list, including the one above.
  • This barn is located on the North side of Arboretum Blvd. West of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and East of Bavaria Rd. in Victoria, MN.

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