Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dress week--My Easter dress this year

I sat down and made this dress the day before I flew out for my grandmother's funeral.  I needed some stress relief from everything happening at the time and really, sewing is about the best way that I can get that. I had plans for it to be my Easter dress, I just made it a little ahead of time.

Absolutely love this fabric.  Purple (radiant orchid) is the color of the year, you know. Bought it here locally at SR Harris for $5/yd.  My favorite fabric store is now no more and so I am adjusting my sewing and fabric habits.  I am also grieving that fact, especially when I broke a stretch twin needle the other day and realized I wouldn't be able to go buy one at the store.  That was the only place that carried them here locally. Now I have to order them online.

Anyway, this dress is an awesome travel dress.  Folded it up in the suitcase and pulled it out right before wearing it and not a wrinkle in sight.  Stretchy knit, so it is super comfy.  Wore it all funeral day and it was lovely.

  • Simplicity 2369 or 1653 View C.  These are the same patterns.  The first one just has a top and pants pattern also included.  The second one is dresses only in 3 different sleeve options and 2 different lengths.
  • Fabric from SR Harris at $5/yd.  Bought 3 yds.
  • Use a stretch needle.


  1. Lovely! This might just inspire me to give dressmaking a try. Finding the right fabric has always been my hiccup but I am going to start looking again!

  2. Yes, I did love that dress and the color is awesome and not wrinkling in a suitcase is always an added bonus. M



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