Thursday, January 23, 2014

Trip to Nebraska and Mom's "Christ"-mas tree

The kids and I road tripped down to Nebraska for a long weekend last weekend to visit my parents for my dad's 75th birthday.  The kids had both Monday and Tuesday off of school (and we're off AGAIN today for extreme windchill weather---please make it stop!)  It was a nice trip and good to get away.  We even enjoyed a 58 degree day one day while we were there.  Sure beats our -20 degree wake up this morning.

My mom left her Christmas tree up so that I could see how she put it together after I had sent her new Christ ornaments for her birthday last year.

One dove on the tree to represent the Holy Ghost at Jesus' baptism

Angels bought at Michael's
Love her cluster lights that she's had for years
The white lights represent Christ being the light of the world

Two different red ball ornaments to represent the drops of blood shed by Jesus.
I think she found these filigree balls at Michael's too.

Biblical Names of Christ Ornament Set bought at Deseret Book


We also discovered Baker's Candies in Greenwood, NE., famous for their chocolate meltaways.  Yep, they're good!  Thanks Mom for sending us home with a couple bags.


  1. Oh my! That tree is beautiful! We have been working on a Christ/Nativity tree for the past few years. This would be a great project for my and my little one. Ornaments like these are so hard to find.

  2. I've never seen mom's tree so I'm glad you posted this. It looks great. I love those cluster lights too.

  3. What a delightful blog. I love your quilts and caps. I too am a quilter and knitter, among my many other interests. Your blog is very inspiring . . . I love making new blogging friends and sharing ideas. Please come visit and hopefully you will want to follow me, too.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie #471



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