Thursday, January 2, 2014

Poke'ball Hat

Daughter #1 crochets.
She can also knit, but prefers to crochet.
I think she basically taught herself (because I don't crochet), which is even more impressive.

She had a couple commissioned projects lined up before winter break.
This first one was this hat for a friend at school for a secret Santa gift.

And then a second one after someone else at school saw the hat.

Her "clients" were thrilled with the finished product.
You go girl!

It seemed that she whipped this up rather quickly and the only change she made to the pattern was to add another row of the red to make sure it would fit an adult head.


  1. Very cute, L. You did a very nice job and I'm sure the people who received the hats did really like them, especially since no one else had hats like that. M

  2. I love to see teenagers get into's such a healthy outlet for them! She did a wonderful job on the hat!!!



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