Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quilt Top Completion--Candy Coated

One afternoon last week I pulled out one of my quilts in progress and determined that I would finish it. Period.

Here it is in progress earlier this year.

These colors aren't necessarily my first choice though I do love red.  But I scored all these fat quarters at the thrift store.  I have, to date, mostly made any quilts from scraps and not too many that were already coordinated and picked out for me.  I decided this would be a personal challenge to make it into something fun and interesting and not fuddy-duddy.

I ended up with 11 rows instead of 14 as the pattern calls for.  However, I also made my strips a little longer than Amanda Jean's.  I was trying to eek out as much as possible from my fat quarters.

  • Final quilt top dimensions: 66 inches by 79 inches.
  • Used 23 Marcus Brothers Civil War Print fat quarters


  1. It is not fuddy duddy! It looks like it will be warm and cozy and look good in a living room. At least it would it mine. :-)

  2. I think it is very fall/winter looking, perfect for now. I like modern but I also like the traditional. Good job.



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