Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Freeze Corn

....otherwise known as stocking up when fresh corn on the cob is in season and on sale.

This past week or two I've noticed that most of the grocery stores here locally are running sales on corn on the cob.  $.10-.17 per ear.  Most have a limit per purchase too, which I find annoying when there are huge bins of corn just sitting there.  There are 7 people at my house...limit 10 or 12 doesn't even give us 2 ears each.

I work around that though and bring my kids or hubby with to each purchase their limit, OR I go thru the self check-out lanes and do a number of separate transactions.  I think that my kids think I am being dishonest this way.  Maybe.....anyway, I do it regardless.  If I didn't do it that way I'd just come back every day and buy my limit.

In anticipation of canning more vegetable soup in the upcoming weeks, I froze some corn to have it ready to go once I am.



  1. My mom is having a Pampered Chef party. I need that tool!

  2. I have that tool and love it. Where I live, we have road side stands and farm markets. There is a really nice one just 3 miles up the road from us and I call and reserve 200 ears of corn each season. I just pick up the corn and then 'process' it all. I usually cook about 50 ears of corn at a time and then get out the biggest mixing bowl I's about 24 inches across....and then put a smaller ceramic mixing bowl upside down inside the big bowl. I put an ear of corn on the upside down bowl and then de-kernel it. The kernels fall into the large bowl and I don't have kernels flying all over the kitchen.

  3. Uh...that kernel cutter is genius!



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